Marmo Parkrun App

Marmo Parkrun App is a Android application that reads JUNSD JS-9006P stopwatch and Opticon OPN-2001 barcode scanner data using USB OTG cable. It could be useful when delivering results to Parkrun webfms using Android operated smartphone that supports USB OTG. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S4. Download.

Marek Moszyński
Biegajacy Tczew


As a result of attaching two devices the stopwatch timer and the barcode scanner two parkrun files are generated. Additionaly, the application generates webfms parkrun backup file inserting also its content into the clipboard (for pasting into webfms page when using restore from backup option) Sample data files:

Pictures from Parkrun Tczew:


Currently, the marmo-parkrun-app.apk is sensitive to attaching to Android usb slot two devices with a internaly defined vendor-id/product-id combiation (JS-9006P stopwatch: 1659/8963 and OPN-2001 barcode scaner: 1626/9). After attaching the barcode scanner it acquires the data automatically whereas for stopwatch timer the transfer requires pushing stopwatch buttons. After successive connection of two mentioned devices (while exiting) it detects the presence of two parkrun files in Download subdirectory and offers sharing the resulting files using Android Intent ACTION_SENT_MULTIPLE. It assumes that barcode scanner is setup for internal transfer of codes along with timestamp.